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I am re-reading AGHORA III [trilogy].
It is basically about the law of Karma.
The law of Karma is most profound and one of the most fiendishly perplexing of all reality’s axioms!!
Simply put, it means a “cause and effect” or “action and reaction”. Our reaction / effect  even a  thought wh is an experience. (every action brings about an equal reaction)

(Here are some relevant points, and I would love feed back and discussions from all regarding this.)

What is an experience?
Every individual has unique individual experience every nano second ( a breath for instance) of the limited sphere in the “time ” which we live here on earth.
This creates for each one of us, INDIVIDUAL UNIVERSES OF EXPERIENCE.
There are as many universes as there are people ……..
Since limitations of time and space prevent everything from happening in our world all at one… THE LAW OF KARMA schedules its events or reactions or effects to occur in each cosmos just in time, every time….

What does this mean?
“you have all created your own personal universe with your karmas and now you must live in it.”
Most people try to ride out their karmic storms by barricading themselves inside psychological houses.
However, each one us eventually find ourselves existentially homeless, one day or another…
Religions make good ideational road-houses where we take shelter, until another karmic tempest blows in and even causes that shelter to collapse. !!

What is a karmic storm?
We are all in the river of KARMA.. it has fixed karma, fixed/unfixed karma and unfixed karma.  3 currents of varying intensity. ( how this comes about is explained in detail in the book)
Our present life is a swim in this river… full of the 3 currents mentioned above.
Free will operates here, as elsewhere with all of our decisions: where and when to enter this river, how fast to set your pace, what stroke to use. Basically choosing how we get across.
This is where we meet our karmic storm when we take on too strong a current (fixed karma) or simply flow with the current, or fight it when unnecessary  or correctly gauging our strength….endless permutations and combinations.
Finally we get across the river…. but while the crossing has taken place…..we have created another set of Karmas.
Probably the most important of karmic intensity factors is SELF AWARENESS, the force that allows us to self identify with our actions( take responsibility)…. this allows us to sow and reap more than other sentient beings can.

The unimaginably complexity of this law of Karma, is something that I would love to hear views on….I’ve been mulling on it, and it seems to me as if the only way is path is what has always been espoused….SURRENDER and FLOW WITH IT !!

( more on surrender next time )


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